Our web builder, specifically built for artists.

Both World Art Exhibitions and British Art Exhibitions, have a common cause and that is to benefit artists whether through our exhibitions or other services. Our 'Artist's Web Builder' is just one of these benefits, which we will continue to develop for the benefit of artists.

Our 'Artist's Web Builder' requires a minimum of effort from the artists, making the building of the website easier and quicker. We also have what we call 'people' who can be contacted via a simple phone call to assist with any issues.

Harness the power of the web

Without any doubt, social media and online sales have altered forever the way the world of fine art does its business. Since 2017, Generation Y (those born between 1984 &1996) buyers who bought fine art online made up over 80 percent of all purchases, with practically 50% of all online buyers using Instagram in an art-associated purpose.

Why and how?

social media is reaching deeper and deeper into the world of art, becoming an existential part of the new trend away from often pretentious and off-putting galleries. As social media and its networking potential grows are those artists with links to their websites becoming part of the new art movement?

So, you’re a typical artist and like most honest artists you’d like to sell more of your work.

Now you can by going direct to your potential buyer and even chat with them.

This awesome ability is readily available to all users of social media and the internet, and quiet simply it’s a road all ambitious artists should continue down. As for the foreseeable future, most think it won’t be changing for quite a while.

Every second of every day, the internet allows you to communicate with your followers, telling them who you are and showing them what you do. Anyone from anywhere in the world can inquire about a piece, and within a few seconds, buy it.

Our competition

There are lots of individuals, small companies and big companies who will build you a website and costs range from a few hundred to thousands. You can choose the likes of Wix, SquareSpace or one of many more DIY websites who cater for all types of businesses, however we exclusively make websites for artists.

We can't say we're any better than these companies. However, we do have a connection with our artists through our exhibitions and we're  far less expensive, all of our templates are built with artists in mind. As for the the future we will continue to improve our websites, without extra charges.