How easy is it to use our web builder?

  1. We ask for your information in a simple form. This includes your basic details; your name, where you're based, the type of work of work you create etc.

  2. We place the info into one of our templates, this builds the site.

  3. We then ask you for images of your work and a description for example medium used, title and price.

  4. we ask you to confirm your site details before the launch of the website.

  5. We develop your SEO from your details to build your browser rank (to help people find you).

We don't stop there, having a website is one thing, but where most websites fall down is driving potential customers to the website. We make considerable efforts to get your site noticed, locally and for your style of work.

Your website belongs to you and only you receive the income from any sales commission free. You control the prices and whether you want to take commissions or sell prints. 

That's not to say you're alone, we will be with you every step of the way should you require assistance.


What's included in our artist's site builder?

Choose a domain name or use your existing domain.

Once registration is completed we will forward a link to the site builder.


Your own independent website

Free & easy set-up

Fully editable

Hosting for 5 years

Dedicated SEO

Regular updates

Unlimited artworks

Sell originals

Sell prints

Take art commissions

Direct contact with buyers

Domain registration*

Launch Dec 1st 2019

Promotion of the sites through our social media posts

Entry into our artists directory

*Domain renewal via an existing provider is not included.